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To join UFF-UF, click on the button above or download a pdf membership form and e-mail it back to us at president@uff-uf.org.


Why you should join UFF-UF

Your membership makes UFF-UF stronger, which gives us all a more effective voice when lobbying the legislature or negotiating your Collective Bargaining Agreement. Our strength comes back to you in increased salary and improved working conditions.

In addition, UFF-UF provides a number of benefits that are only for dues-paying members and their families. These include:

A voice in defining UFF priorities and plans

UFF-UF is led by its members.  We define our plans and priorities collegially and democratically. As a member, you have a say in all matters concerning UFF, including how we negotiate our contract, how we defend faculty rights and due process, and who represents you as a UFF officer.


As a member, you are eligible to receive UFF representation should you need to file a grievance. You also have the right to UFF representation in any meeting with a supervisor that may result in disciplinary action. Non-members must either represent themselves or hire outside legal assistance. This is a benefit that can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Members are also eligible for legal services for non-work-related matters (such as wills and estate planning, traffic matters, real estate, and family law) at a reduced cost. As a member, you are entitled to two free 30-minute legal consultations per year on non-work related matters and up to a 30% discount for legal work performed.

Member Discounts

UFF’s affiliation with the NEA and AFT entitles members to discounts in a host of services and goods, large and small. Here are some highlights:
  • Insurance: a full range of discounted products, including life, home, auto, renter's, long-term care, catastrophic medical, veterinary, dental and vision. They also receive $1,000,000 complimentary professional liability insurance; $1,000 complimentary life insurance; $5,000 complimentary accidental death insurance. New members receive $15,000 complimentary life insurance for one year.
  • Financial: special rates and reduced closing costs on loans, including mortgage, home equity, personal, student loans, and credit cards
  • Shopping: discounts on flowers, books, computers, wireless phone service, tax preparation, movie tickets, and more
  • Travel: discounts on travel-related products and services, including purchases of union-made cars, car rentals, moving vans, hotels, vacation packages, theme park admissions, and Motor Club membership

To explore these and other member benefits, visit National Education Association Member Benefits (NEA); American Federation of Teachers Member Benefits (AFT); Union Plus Discounts & Benefits for Union Families (AFL-CIO)