Current Research in Higher Education

This new section for UFF-UF will report on and share peer-reviewed scholarly research findings about teaching, research, and administrative climates in higher education. The aim of this column is to bring empirical research to bear on discussions about the life of the University of Florida professoriate. The Current Research in Higher Education Working Group editors welcome suggestions of research and contributions from all UFF-UF members (email

The opinions expressed in these materials are those of the working group, and are not necessarily the positions of UFF-UF.


Privileging Science over Humanities: How Privatization and Vocational Training in Higher Education Reinforce Social Stratification

In her public lecture, Professor Sheila Slaughter will discuss the rising emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and professional fields in many public universities, and the many disparities this has created between these disciplines and the humanities ... Continue Reading →

Academic Capitalism

‘Academic capitalism’ is defined by Slaughter & Rhoades (2004), professors of higher education at the University of Georgia and University of Arizona, as "the involvement of colleges and faculty in market-like behaviors". As public investment in public higher education decreases, academic researchers are called upon to generate revenue through commodifying their own research products. This certain ... Continue Reading →

Current Research in Higher Education: Introduction

We begin with an invitation to UFF-UF members to discuss how faculty can address the changing needs of students in a restricted funding climate for higher education. The background for this discussion is an increasing and multidisciplinary body of scholarship that is examining the rise of so-called “neoliberal” thought and accompanying free-market-style management policies in the administration of ... Continue Reading →